Sofia Härdig (Schweden)

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Beginn: 20:00 Uhr
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The New Album
Release Date 20th April 2018 via Solaris Empire

New Single Illuminate

“Her singing has the same kind of absolute urgency that Patti Smith and Tom Verlaineonce has.” (ROLLING STONE)

“Masterly, majestically, in summary, a high-quality production that leaves an intense and powerful imprint” (Nöjesguiden (SWE) National Swedish paper)

“Tight, impelling, raw, naked, minimalistic, willful and overwhelmingly great.” (HHHH+ HIFI & Musik (SE) (National Music Magazine))

Sofia Härdig lives up to her “rocktronica” reputation with her new album “Changing the Order”.
Championed by Belle and Sebastian’s Stevie Jackson, she has worked with major Swedish artists including Grammy Award winners The Hellacopters and bob hund. Furthermore, she has collaborated with Yoshimi from Japanese noise-rockers Boredoms and the alternative indie band Free Kitten. Sofia’s experimental nature shines through with her new material that blends rock and electronic influences.

Previewing the LP is the lead single “Illuminate”, a fitting addition to the 80’s-themed Drive soundtrack. Deep glowing synths and echoing vocals take the wheel on a late-night cruise. The track builds with subtle guitar rhythms that scream at times like screeching tyres. Lyrically, the song explores loneliness and a seemingly endless search for “another heart”. Driving through the night, she looks skyward to navigate the road to a new love. It’s a contemplative rocktronica song that demonstrates Sofia’s tight control over her craft.

“Let Me Fall” is a thickly textured, four-to-the-floor synth-focused electronica anthem. Sofia repeatedly sings ‘infatuation’ – each syllable on beat, but reverberating around the track, creating sonic space, drawing vocal influence from 90s house music. Deviating heavily from “Illuminate”, “Let Me Fall” features synth arpeggios throughout as the main focal point of the song. “Let Me Fall” can be described as fitting with synth-influenced new wave, comparable to Depeche Mode or New Order but the fact that the track draws more influence from 90s dance music makes it unique and a stand-out track on the album.

“My Week”, the third single of the album, continues to draw influence from 80s new wave but more along the lines of post-punk. It’s a track that takes the post-punk sound expertly exercised by The Cure and making it her own. Low, pedaled bass with the instantly recognizable new wave-style distorted guitars, underlying vocal harmonies, and slightly offbeat synth makes for a thick textured, extremely well written song.

Sofia Härdig releases her new album “Changing The Order” on the 20th April 2018 via Solaris Empire.

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